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For all your inquires please Email us at info@surgical-products.com


We introduced ourselves manufacture and exporters of quality Surgical & Dental instruments such as ( Surgical Tweezer, Titanium Tweezer, Electro Tweezer, Eye Tweezer, TC Tweezer, and also Debakey Tweezer is our Special Products, Dental Tweezer, Dental Mirror With Handle, Dental Forceps, Extracting Forceps, Dental Scalers, and all products of dental instruments for the last many years. We are professional manufacture of above mentioned products and we do our all process Start Forging, Cutting , Fitting ,Polishing , packing under the technical person for our great customers satisfactions and good quality control systems and we have also import the latest machinery from different countries for modern technology productions.We can improve our quality in any products which you like and you will feel best quality to the other supplier because we are always works as challenge with best prices intime deliver Surgical instruments have wide category. In all categories these instruments are well designed and the manufactured by the experts of their respective fields. The design and material of the products best cater the needs of surgeons. The material of our products are according to international standards. OEM Manufacturers & Exporters of Surgical, Dental, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Instruments Trays & Bowls, Orthodontic Pliers Manicure Instruments Kits Anesthesia Instruments, Utility Instruments, Dental Instruments, Dermal
Instruments, Ear Instruments, Gall Bladder Instruments, Intestinal Instruments, Laryngeal, Instruments, Micro Surgery, Nasal Instruments, Neurosurgical Instrument, Ophthalmic Instrument, Oral Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Plastic Surgery, Instruments Podiatry Instruments, Post Mortem Instrument, Rectal Instrument, Thoracic & Cardiovascular,
Thyroid Goiter Instruments, Tonsil Instruments Tracheal Instruments, Urological Instruments, Atraumatic Forceps, Bandage, Utility Scissors, Dressing & Tissue Forceps Endoscopes Hemostatic Forceps Hooks , Care Products, Needle Holders, Operating Scissors, Probes, Directors, Retractors, Scalpels, Handles, Blades, Splinter, Forceps, Sponge Forceps, Sterile,
Disposable, Sterilizing, Aids, Stethoscopes, Suction Tubes, Surgical Accessories, Surgical Needles, Suture Sundries, Towel Clamps, Trocars, Biopsy Needles, Tubing Clamps, Vein Strippers, Adson Allis Backhaus, Baumgartner Bozeman, Crile, Derf Foerster, graves, Halsey, Halsted, Hartman, Jacobson, Kelly, Kevorkian, Lister, Littauer, Mayo, McGivney, Metzenbaum
Noyes, Olsen-Hegar, Pean Pederson, Rochester, Schroeder, Spencer, Webster the most reliable source of Surgical, Dental, Beauty Care, Economy Line,
Hiltuc, Hollowware, Laryngoscope, and Veterinary Instruments, supplier in
the country, having the mission of total customer satisfaction with true,
honest commitments and business ethics. Now the company is enjoying by his vast experience and remarkable efforts
all over the world. The instruments are manufactured according to the
satisfaction of customers with the highest quality and competitive prices.
To be at the forefront, as depicted by our past where we produced fully
consumer satisfied equipments, producing products with 100% purity
precision material quality.
For all your inquires please Email us at info@surgical-products.com