TC Needle Holder
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All sorts of surgical forceps for example,Peans artery forceps,Kochers, Kelly forceps, rile forceps, Rochester Pena ,tawal forceps,Mixter forceps, Heaney forceps,Dudfield Rosé, ertheim-Cullen forceps,Finochietto forceps, Collin's Sellors forceps and debakey forceps,and scissors, Tweezers, Needle Holders, Mouth gags, Retractors, Speculums, Dilators, Scalpels, Clamps, Suction Tubes, Trocars, Percussion Hammers, Laryngoscopes, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Instruments boxes, Kidney trays, Thermometer Jar, Lotion bowl, Bed panes, sterilizing drums, electrical sterilization, Dental Extracting forceps, scalers, elevators, roungers etc.

We offer modern range of Dental Instruments, Surgical Instruments and Veterinary Instruments, Manicure, Pedicure, Cutters, Scissors, Tweezers and all kind of Scissors, Tweezers also for you to choose the best and the most convenient items to suit your way of profession and in order to achieve desired results.