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Surgical Instrument

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Surgical Instruments




Anaesthesia, Diagnostics


Biopsy Instruments


Bone Surgery (Orthopedic)


Cardiovascular Surgery


Forceps (Tissue, Dressing)


Forceps (General)


Gall Bladder, Kidney


Gynecology, Obstetrics


Intestines, Stomach, Rectum


Nasal Instruments (Rhinology)


Neuro Surgery


Oral Instruments


Probes, Scalpels, Applicators




Extracting forceps


Waxing Instruments


Amalgam Carriers


Mouth Gags


Filling instruments


Impressing Trays


Gutta-Percha & Cement





Dental Tweezers


Dental Pliers


Wire & Bar bending Pliers


Bone Curettes


Bone Rongeurs


Chisels and Enamel Cleavers


Cotton Dressing Tweezers


Dam Punch and Clamp Forceps


Porcelain and Modeling Carvers


Probes and Explorers


Dental Scalars


Dental Scissors


Nerve Instruments


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Blade Breakers




Corneal Scissors


Capsule Forceps


Cilia Forceps


Marking iron with loop handle

  Meat Testing Instruments
  Restraining Instruments
  Preparation Instruments
  Hoof & Claw Instruments
  Marking Instruments
  Teat Instruments
  Obstetric Instruments
  Milk Tube
  Embryo Tomy Kinife

  Bull holder

  Nose ring with safety screw

  Milk Sucking preventer

  Trocars with metal handle

  Embry tomy saw handles

  Obstric hook Karey shooter


  Safety Pin

  Caliper brass


Post Mortem Set
Culving rape carrier

Fook`s pil capsule / carrier for sheep


Ear marker plier

  Nail Scissors

  Nail Cutters

  Cuticle nippers

  Cuticle scissors

  Cuticle Pushers


  Barber Scissors

  Manicure sets

  Embroidery & Dissecting Scissors

  Baby & Nose Scissors

  House Hold Paper & Tailoring Scissors

  Professional & Pedicure Nippers

  Pusher Knives & Extractors

  Razors and Share Cutters

  Manicure Kits

  Thinning Scissors


Applicator Jar


Catheter Trays


Cotton Dispenser and Waste Collector


Dressing Jar


Emesis Basin


Forceps Jar


Instrument Trays


Iodine Cup

Measuring Jugs

Medicine Cup

Solution Bowl

Oblong Instrument

Ointment Jar

Perforated Instrument

Solution Basin



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      ENT Instruments

Abbey Sub-Mucosal


Resection Needles

  Ear Instruments

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Mouth Gags

  Tongue Depressors

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Tonsil Forceps





  Punch Forceps

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Laryngeal Forceps




Trachael Hooks


Dilating Forceps

  Tracheal Tubes

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Urethral Bougies




Lithotomy Forceps




Suction Tube


Prostatectomy Forceps

  Urethral Foreign Body

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Bone Screw
Plate Holding Forceps

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Nail Cutters

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Vaginal Specula

Uterine Dilators

Uterine Sounds

Tenaculum Forceps

Vullsellum Forceps

Hysterectomy Forceps

Polypus Forceps

Elevating Forceps

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Uterine Biopsy Forceps

Uterine Curettes

Brain Clamps

Suction Cannula

Nerve Hook

Laminectomy Rongeurs

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Rib Shears


Adenoid Curette , Saw

Nazal Specula

Nazal Snare

Nazal Dressing Forceps

Nazal Cutting Forceps

Septum Forceps, Knives

Elevators , Goguges


Sinus Cannula , Antrum

Kocher, scudder, lane


Extractors , Hooks

Tissue Forceps

Intenstinal Forceps

Stomach Clamps

Trocars abdominal


Ascites, Hydrocele

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Davidson, Adson

Lung Grasping

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Ear Specula
Catheters, perforators
Ear Dressing forceps
Polypus Snares
Pomeroy syringe

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Post Mortem Instruments

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Gall Bladder Instruments

Kidney Instrument

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